Annetrin Jytte Thompson
Lighting Designer (IALD) -> IALD's website

After studying in Germany and the UK, and a few of years of freelancing, Jytte moved to Australia in 2004 where she joined the staff of The Flaming Beacon (-> TFB's website), a boutique lighting design company specializing in hospitality projects.

As project lighting designer at TFB Jytte has been involved with many hotel and resort projects that saw her working closely and in a senior position with consultants, architects and designers in Australia, Vietnam, Oman, the United Arab Emirates, Malaysia, Singapore, France, Puerto Rico, the Maledives, Turkey and Korea, as well as South Africa, China, French Polynesia and Italy.

Between 2013 and 2017 she ran The Flaming Beacon's Berlin, Germany, office, which she was instrumental in setting up. During this period the office grew from just herself initially to employing 8 staff members in the 2017.

Jytte is currently on maternity leave looking after little Bo Henry, and will soon be looking for new professional challenges.